How to choose a reliable jacket, we must avoid these errors

Many people know that jackets are specially designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts. However, jackets are special functional clothing with waterproof and windproof functions. Most people don’t know how to choose. They have different functional designs for different environments. People who are unfamiliar will have several misunderstandings, let’s take a look.

Misunderstanding 1: The warmer the better
This situation is generally encountered in winter. Participating in outdoor sports in winter, wearing too thick is good for warmth, but it will be very restrictive. For general weather conditions, or when hiking or climbing outdoors, ski suits are relatively heavy. In this case, most people will choose a jacket or a detachable two-piece jacket, which is more convenient to put on and take off and is more suitable for outdoor sports.

Misunderstanding 2: The more expensive the better
Although there is the principle that "cheap is not good," the more expensive the jacket is not the better. Choose the jacket that can bring you greater protection and help. Generally, you can choose some well-known brands, such as North Face, Northland, etc. These brand jackets have different prices and are generally designed for adventure activities in harsh environments. When purchasing, whether the price is expensive or not does not indicate whether the jacket is good or not. Choose according to your own activities.

Misunderstanding 3: Complete functions
Sports in different environments will have different functional jackets. The jackets we wear must be practical. Don’t see other people’s functions and want them. If it’s just ordinary city wear, there is no need to choose Professional, waterproof, windproof, breathable and warm mountaineering jacket, so according to your own situation, do not blindly envy others and imitate others.

Post time: Jul-18-2020