• Down product introduction

    Down product introduction

    1、Ordinary down: pure white duck down 90, general white duck down 90, general gray duck down 90, general white goose down 90, general gray goose down 90 (goose down is not pure white, the above is the national standard clothing standards) 2、Imported down. Duck: Spain Navarre white duck 90%, Fra...
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  • Prospects of China’s garment foreign trade industry in 2022

    Despite China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, the rise of trade protectionism and the rapid and restructured international supply chain, the Chinese foreign trade still delivered a brilliant “report card” in 2021. In the first 11 months, China’s total imp...
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  • Is reducing weight wearing violent sweat suit useful?

    Is reducing weight wearing violent sweat suit useful?

    “Suddenly and violently sweat suit” also known as “sweat”, it is composed of polyester fiber and silver coating, using silver nano technology and nano silver film thermal sweating technology will surface heat release reflected back to the human body, form the thermal cycle...
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  • T-shirt fabric classification

    T-shirt fabric classification

    T-shirt structure design is simple, style changes are usually in the neckline, hem, cuffs, color, pattern, fabric and shape. T – shirts can be divided into sleeve, vest, belly exposed three forms. The T-shirt is the most active item of summer clothing, they can be used freely from home to f...
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  • How to choose SKI suit ?

    How to choose SKI suit ?

    Ski clothing, generally refers to the clothing worn when participating in ski sports, divided into competitive clothing and tourism clothing. Competitive clothing is designed according to the characteristics of the event, focusing on the improvement of sports performance. Travel clothing is mainl...
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  • Sports clothing material characteristics

    Sports clothing material characteristics

    1, fast performance: Sports clothing should have good fastness, including tensile breaking strength, tear strength, top crack strength, wear resistance, heat resistance, sun resistance and so on.  In many modern sports events, people often do large movements, which requires good scalability of sp...
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  • Latest style

    Woolen coat with striped unlined upper garment, blue with black, showing the wild connotation of the beauty.
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  • Analysis of common trade terms

    1. Pre-shipment term -EXW EXW — Ex Warehouse factory Delivery is completed when the Seller places the goods at the disposal of the Buyer at its place or other designated place (such as a factory, factory or warehouse) and the Seller does not clear the goods for export or load the goods on a...
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  • Dress color collocation and matching skills

    Modern clothing is divided into many kinds, and each kind of clothing also has different kinds of shapes and styles, especially when you see a continuous innovation of clothing one after another, you can understand how powerful things are popular. It’s not news that brands are playing colo...
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  • The origin and development of cloth

    In the daily life,the cloth is a part of our life,we use them for warm and beautiful,we get nice mood from them.Today’s cloth is very popular ,but do you know there is no cloth for us in the past,it spent a long time to develop,and become our fashion cloth today. In the last fifty to sixty ...
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  • DWP announces five PIP conditions, they will pay up to £608 per month

    Millions of Britons are currently claiming Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).Those with serious illnesses or conditions that make it difficult to perform simple everyday tasks can receive cash through the PIP system. Few people knew that PIP was...
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  • How to choose a winter and autumn windproof jacket? Performance in these areas is most critical

    How to choose a winter and autumn windproof jacket? Performance in these areas is most critical

    Into the cold season, windproof jacket Because of its block wind, block rain, resist the performance of cold evil invasion became its walking tour de force, with hidden function it by strength harvest a vote of diehard fans. Although it is a functional clothing, but the daily street wear is also ...
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