Ruisheng Clothing provides safety operation training for external construction personnel

Recently, the renovation project of Ruisheng Clothing is in full swing. In order to ensure the safe and standardized operation of external construction personnel entering the factory area, Ruisheng Clothing is fully committed to safety precautions and providing safety construction training for external construction personnel.图片1

The training will be delivered by the General Manager and Safety Officer of Ruisheng Clothing, and the construction unit will listen attentively. The content requires that construction personnel comply with relevant regulations of Ruisheng Clothing, operate safely and normatively, prohibit illegal operations, strictly control hot work, and receive training on the use of fire extinguishers from Ruisheng Clothing Safety Officer.



Ruisheng Clothing resolutely curbs the occurrence of safety accidents! Effectively prioritize safety production to ensure smooth construction progress.

Post time: Nov-01-2023