Ruishengarment: Warmly welcome the important customers from Australia to visit our company!

Recently, an important customer from Australia Eric visited our company, Ruishengarment business director Mr. Xu and the salesman received him warmly, sent him flowers and gifts, and accompanied him to visit Ruishengarment production workshop.

Accompanied by Business Director Manager Xu, the customers visited Ruishengarment fabric testing room, cutting workshop, sewing workshop, finishing workshop, etc. They are very interested in the men's suits, track suits and suits for women that we are currently working on, and hope that we will continue to cooperate with them after we finish their 200,000 sets of men's sportswear. They carefully watched the operation of automatic equipment such as automatic cutting machine, automatic template machine sewing machine, and instructed the on-site staff. After that, they visited the product exhibition hall and office of Ruishengarment, and then returned to the conference room for a cordial talk.


At the seminar, the business director, Mr. Xu, introduced the development status of Ruishengarment Clothing's factory production base in detail to the customers, so that the customers fully understand the strength of our factory status quo, and the customers are more confident and satisfied with our factory.

Through this field visit, deepen the customer's impression of Ruishengarment Clothing, Ruishengarment Clothing vigorously promote their own advantages, so that customers deeply feel the sincerity of our cooperation. We hope that both parties can promote the cooperation of new projects through this in-depth contact and communication.

Post time: Nov-03-2023