The functionality and advantages of cycling clothes

Cycling clothes are functional clothing, such as safety, wicking, breathable, easy to wash, quick-drying, etc. Cycling jerseys with special fabrics, with high strength, good elasticity, good extensibility, and good abrasion resistance can be regarded as a functional cycling jersey. A good top of cycling clothes should have breathability and perspiration, which can quickly discharge a large amount of sweat and keep the body surface dry. The bottom of the cycling jersey should be tight, effectively reducing muscle fatigue, and the crotch pad must be soft and have good air permeability. Let's talk about the details of cycling clothes.Provide high-quality  Mens cycling clothes Professional production

Many friends think that the color of the cycling clothes is too bright. Don't know if this design is for safety reasons. The yellow, red, blue and white warning colors are used extensively. The reason is that when you are riding on the road, the car driver and pedestrians can clearly see you from a long distance, and try to avoid traffic accidents.
Many friends who have just chosen cycling clothes will ask, why are the fabrics of the top and bottom of the cycling clothes different? As mentioned earlier, the top clothes are to wick away sweat, and the bottom clothes are to relieve fatigue. Because of the weather, when the weather is colder, fabrics that are warm, breathable and windproof are usually used, or windproof fabrics and breathable fabrics are used in cross-use according to different parts. When the weather is hot, sweat-wicking, breathable, easy-to-wash and quick-drying fabrics become the first choice, and perhaps from a health perspective, there are functional fabrics with higher requirements for sterilization and deodorization. Cycling clothes should be as close to the body as possible to reduce wind resistance as much as possible. Cycling clothes must also have the function of protecting the body, and the cycling clothes must also have abrasion resistance, even if there is a crash, it can most effectively reduce the area of ​​scratches. Secondly, there are cushions for riding pants to prevent long-term friction and pressure between the buttocks and the seat, and to protect the body.

Post time: Nov-01-2021