Warmly welcome the District Emergency Management Agency to conduct a safety inspection of Ruisheng Clothing

Recently, the District Emergency Management Bureau of Ruisheng Clothing fire safety inspection, Ruisheng Clothing safety officer Liu Ye led the inspection team to the production workshop, the workshop fire facilities to carry out random checks.


The inspection team inspected the fire safety work account after knowing in detail the basic information of Ruisheng Clothing and the implementation of fire safety management system. Subsequently, accompanied by the safety officer, the inspection team focused on the management of fire fighting facilities, fire control room duty, operation of special equipment and workshop safety production. The inspection team requested that any potential safety hazards found in the production should be rectified in time to ensure that the hazards are rectified in place. Strictly implement the fire inspection, do a good job of the relevant accounts and records, and seriously grasp the fire hazards of self-checking and rectification work, to ensure that fire safety is foolproof.

Through this inspection, to further strengthen and standardize the Ruisheng apparel staff’s awareness of production safety. Urge us to always tighten the string of production safety, strengthen the red line consciousness and bottom line thinking, and prevent all kinds of accidents from occurring, to ensure that Liu Tan clothing production safety work steadily.

Post time: Nov-13-2023