Full heat sealed charging suit Waterproof, anti-static, filled with down

Short Description:

Thickness index: thick version
Material: polyester fiber
Softness index: Soft
Style Description: Slim Fit
Suitable for: general payment
Suitable season: spring, autumn, and winter

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The fully heat sealed submachine jacket is a combination of jacket and inner liner. The jacket can be worn alone, and the inner liner can be worn alone, supporting disassembly. It is a three in one submachine jacket that can withstand wind and rain for three seasons without fear. It is made of waterproof fabric from Rudolf technology in Germany, with zero distance contact between the inner and outer liner, windproof, warm, functional and stylish,

External protection against cold: windproof and water resistant, with Japanese and Korean trendy split design in the style of a charging suit

Internal locking temperature: The inner lining is made of fleece fabric, which locks in temperature and enhances the insulation effect to a higher level

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