RuishengContrast outdoors Charge Coat Super Stable Chest and Shoulder

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Thickness index: thick version Material: polyester fiber
Softness index: Soft Version Description: Slim Fit
Suitable for: general payment Suitable season: spring, autumn, winter

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Customization of high-end team clothing, customized with pictures, free customization, waterproof fabric, strong warmth retention, good breathability, using professional sports fabric, cotton and nylon shell with four sides elastic, and using waterproof and breathable film technology, achieving strong waterproof, windproof and breathable properties,

Ruisheng Clothing has been focusing on the research and development and design of stormtroopers for 27 years. In 2023, it will reshape and upgrade its five classic series, including Peak Climbing, Extreme Cold, Puff, High end Outdoor, Skiing, and once again setting a new benchmark in the down jacket industry. Double 11 has more surprises waiting for you to explore!

Waterproof: The fabric of a submachine suit is designed to be as waterproof as possible, while ensuring a certain degree of breathability. However, it cannot be completely waterproof, unlike materials such as plastic and rubber, which are not very waterproof. The effect is better when used in humid areas, rainy and snowy weather, and other climates.

2. Breathability: During outdoor activities, the body sweats and moisture can be quickly expelled from the body. Suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking and running.

3. Windproof: Stormwear has a good windproof and cooling effect. When the cold wind penetrates the clothes, it damages the warm air, causing heat loss, and a decrease in body temperature is known as the wind cooling effect. And suitable for use in windy weather.

4. Warmth retention: Sprinkler jackets can also vary in thickness, based on wind and water resistance. Warmth retention varies with thickness.

Purpose of a submachine suit: The submachine suit is mainly used to block wind and rain. Due to its waterproof properties, it is often used for outdoor activities, such as short distance hiking, cycling, mountaineering, etc.

Ruisheng Clothing not only produces assault suits, but also men's suits, sportswear, women's suits, men's wedding suits, designer sets, men's sportswear, designer dresses, black suits, women's pants, work shirts, and high-end business attire.

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